Development Strategy of Telecomax

Telecomax provides communication related services since 2007. At the first stage of development, the company’s main focus was providing of the IP- telephony for businesses and individual use.

Almost at the very beginning we have launched GSM-Travel project, that allowed us to attract the most active part of our business audience. Over four years the number of admirers of this service is steadily growing.

During this period the company has identified the main priorities of its technological policy.Our services must fully meet the needs of the businesses in telecommunications services, but at the same time solutions have to be refined, inexpensive and easy to adapt according to the requirements of the market.

Local Phone numbers by HotTelecom

In 2008 our company launched a project called HotTelecom. Because of this cost-effective solution, we enabled many different companies to increase number of their customers, to extend their market share and to open offices in other regions.  But as market has tendency to develop constantly – we always improve our services and add new features. In fact, virtual numbers have already turned into offices, that can function autonomously, according to the scenario of the customer without necessity to hire big number of secretaries.

New market segments

In 2009-2010 Telecomax came to grip with the development and implementation of the innovation for the mobile platforms. In our opinion, the most known and promising one is Freeje. Because of Its simplicity, excellent quality of connection, inexpensiveness and complete lack of problems associated with roaming, Freeje constantly attracts more and more customers. In addition, as we keep with the times, we provide absolutely free services for the users of social networks. On a par with the regular chat – there is an unlimited access to the voice chat, enabled by us.

The policy of the company is wholly focused on the customer and his needs.

Each customer is not just a user. Many of our achievements are the result of a creative and fruitful cooperation with those, who believed in us and still remains our friends throughout our journey.


Name: Telecomax Ltd.

Location: England

Year of establishing: 2007

Field of activity: Telecommunication