Are you going on vacation or no business trip abroad? Apart from a visa, tickets and hotel booking you also need easy and cheap telephony with roaming, don`t you?

Since mobile communications bused on to the scene over a decade ago, most people can’t imagine their life without high quality and comfortable communication 24/7/365.

Telecomax helps you to solve this problem: GSM-travel cards!

GSM-travel cards features:

  • GSM-travel works in 150+ countries
  • Incoming calls in 50 countries are totally FREE, even if you have zero balance
  • Unlimited duration (GSM-travel cards don’t expire)
  • Unlimited payment duration. So, if you don’t waste all your money in one trip – they will be saved on your balance in store for future trips.
  • No monthly charges
  • Call and sms history is available on-line 24/7
  • More than 30 ways to recharge your balance
  • Single phone number

So, if you want to travel abroad without problems with a connection and want to call home with a cheap and simple service from abroad – GSM-travel cards from Telecomax Ltd is the best choice for you!

Traveling without problems!
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