Investment into telecommunication business.

Purpose: to create a system that provides advanced telecommunication services in order to meet growing market demand.

Description: all projects of Telecomax are typical start-ups, that are at the stage of very rapid development. Possible geographical distribution includes the whole world with a primary focus on Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The base for each project – is to satisfy annually increasing demand of the international community for the low cost telecommunication services and to improve their quality.

Main Idea – creating a company that will unite various voice processing services into one system without geographical or other limitations and further maintenance of existing traffic.

Our capabilities: 4-years experience in the telecommunications market, established business relationships with suppliers and large customer base
What is needed from investors: equity financing for creating an infrastructure and increasing of the flowing capital.

The benefits of investing in Telecomax: You will participate into developing business with a high prevalence and broad coverage of all social groups. You will get an opportunity to obtain a high profitability out of invested capital. You will also get a possibility of the further diversification of the business, as we always open new trends. Existing facilities, qualified staff and our experience can provide a high quality investment portfolio of allocated funds and a minimum level of risk.

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