Remote office

Remote office is an advanced, complex and fully development system that makes it possible for business to optimize their operations without having a definite location or office.

In many cases even the smartest idea never bears any fruit for a myriad of reasons. One of the biggest reasons cited by many experts is the fact that customers cannot get on the phone with the company and talk to someone who is really knowledgeable and helpful.

With the latest in technology you can optimize your advertisements and reduce your costs by actually getting in touch with your potential clients.

Your business can improved thanks to the remote office:

  • Set up new branches of your business in any country of the world without huge overhead costs
  • Cater to the international market effectively and present your business on modern level
  • Sell your services and goods directly to any country around the globe
  • Build an easy and inexpensive network that enables seamless  international collaboration
  • Cut costs of having to hire additional employees
  • easily serve clients all over the world

What is remote office?

A remote office is a fully equip office without the expenses of maintaining a real office. With remote office you get to dictate your voice messages that a caller or subscriber listens to and where the number is forwarded i.e. you can setup call forwarding to a handset, Skype or SIP. You also confirm a fax and you are also the one who transfers the call.

The call holding function allows you to receive and forward many calls at the same time. If all of your numbers are busy the system automatically puts the caller on hold. While on hold subscribers will hear an IVR message which you can record yourself or some music while they wait.

The cost of using our remote office is low compared to any other solution on the market. This makes it possible for any business to use. The beauty of the remote office is even though its complex it offers users a convenient and simple to use interface which means you don’t incur a learning curve when you start using it.

Remote office capabilities:

  • Get local phone numbers from a wide variety of countries
  • Route calls to any handset, Skype or SIP-device
  • Smart call forwarding (complicated call routing)
  • Call history
  • Phone numbers black and white list
  • IVR constructor ( Interactive Voice Response)
  • Call recording
  • Voice mail
  • Transfer call
  • Call interception

Get local phone numbers from a wide variety of countries
You get a direct number of any country worldwide which makes it appear as if you are residing in that country.

Route calls to any handset, Skype or SIP-device
Calls to this virtual number can be redirected to your landline phone, cell phone, SIP-device or even Skype.

Smart call forwarding (complicated call routing)
You can choose your own complicated call routing, for example destination phone numbers, timetable for different destination phone numbers etc.

Call history
You can always check your call history, so you always remember the time and person that called you.

Phone numbers black and white list
The service also allows for receiving and forwarding calls from a list of known numbers only, called a white phone numbers list. Incoming calls are first recognized by the system automatically and connects if the number matches an entry in the white list.  
In addition to a white list of phone numbers you can even make a black list of phone numbers. This list allows incoming calls to be routed if the number is not in the black list. If the number is found to be in the blacklist its automatically declined and the person calling hears a voice message, dial tone, or something else you setup. You can also use both the black and white lists together.

Interactive Voice Response Constructor
Interactive Voice Response constructor is not just a simple answerphone that you are unable to change. You can construct your own interactive voice menu with the help of the IVR constructor.
Interactive voice menu is a voice message which helps the phone subscriber to initiate a dialogue with the system. The subscriber follows the voice message directions, presses the proper keys and the call is diverted to the relevant department.
If all the numbers are busy, the system holds on new incoming calls. Phone subscribers hear an IVR voice message or some music in standby mode. Call holding allows for the system to receive and forward multiple phone calls at the same time.

Call recording
The call recording service allows you to record phone conversations. The files are saved with Name, time and number lookup as well.

Voice mail
If you cannot reach a person via the virtual phone number you can leave him voice mail on this number.

Transfer call
If somebody calls your phone number you also have the option of transferring it to another phone in your office network or even to other landline or mobile phone.

Call interceptions
Makes it possible for you to intercept calls made to over phones on your network. This is great for office security purposes.

Remote office advantages:

  • Convenient management interface.
  • Can be plugged in to a CRM system.
  • No risk of equipment obsolescence.
  • Consecutive numeration. You should dial inner short number only to call your college in another city.

No expensive equipment required to use the remote office, all you need is internet access and a handset!

Remote office
Remote office – your office in other countries!
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